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Content automation

Boost customer engagement with marketing content automation

Content automation helps brands to use branded content for campaigns and optimize them to drive…
Talent analytics

Improving hiring outcomes with talent analytics

Talent analytics helps both large and growing enterprises improve hiring strategies, efforts, and outcomes to…
Benefits of cloud based analytics

Why your enterprise needs cloud-based analytics

Incorporating cloud based analytics simplifies the journey from unstructured data to actionable insights, enabling more…
Automation in healthcare

Healthcare Automation: Applying BPA to process and manage data

Business Process Automation in Healthcare allows service providers to adopt a structured approach to data…
AI in cloud infrastructure

Role of AI in cloud infrastructure to streamline digital workspaces

An AI in cloud infrastructure can boost efficiency and security by creating a smart and…
machine learning in process automation

Applying machine learning to process automation

Implementing machine learning in process automation can provide various advantages to businesses. Here, we look…
Digital workplace

The components and benefits of building a digital workplace

Building a digital workspace has been among the top priorities for organizations over the last…
Role of AI in BPA and RPA

Role of AI in BPA and RPA

From an AI perspective, RPA and BPA solutions differ greatly in terms of their scope…
AI development 

The developer’s guide to best practices for AI development 

Developing a robust and future-ready AI system comes with many challenges and responsibilities. Understanding the…