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Azure DevOps

Advantages of using Azure DevOps Services

Microsoft Azure DevOps is the best tool for rapidly developing & deploying applications and software in-house…
Artificial intelligence in Retail

Importance of Cloud and Artificial intelligence in Retail Startups and E-Commerce

While the retail industry took a huge hit after the pandemic, large players pivoted to…
cloud computing

AI and Cloud Computing: What’s the fuss about?

We often come across tech buzzwords like Cloud AI, but what does it mean? Let’s…
business process automation

Importance of AI in automation

AI-powered automation has become more available than ever before, and many organizations, including SMEs, are…
hybrid automation

Are we moving towards hybrid automation & work models ?

In the dilemma between re-opening the office and continuing working remotely, the shift to hybrid…
Evolution of Cloud Computing

The Evolution of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come a long way in terms of its capabilities and utility for…
Ethical AI Development

The 6 key principles of ethical AI development

Rapid development in AI raises significant questions for law and society. To ensure that AI…
Cloud computing

The synergy of Cloud computing and BI for competitive advantage

Integrating Power BI with applications on the cloud helps organizations create the most comprehensive and…
planning and implementing a cloud migration project

The 5 stages of planning and implementing a cloud migration project

Building a framework to structure your cloud migration project helps you plan and manage the…