Why human intelligence is key to successful enterprise automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven automation are rapidly changing business productivity and how organizational teams work. As these technologies become more sophisticated, they are helping employees to perform their roles more efficiently and businesses to reap the rewards of enterprise automation like reduced costs and better service delivery and customer service. Automation technologies are ushering […]
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Automating CMS

6 Benefits of Automating CMS With SharePoint & PowerApps

SharePoint and PowerApps are popular cloud-based applications that can be used for automating CMS functions. They have been around for a long time, which means they are mature and stable. These applications have a dedicated developer community as well, which means there is extensive support from vendors and online resources to help you improve your […]
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Intelligent automation

Where is your organization on the intelligent automation journey?

The way organizations use technology and automation has changed significantly in the last few years. Today they are looking at comprehensive, sustained, scalable ways to improve efficiency by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other technologies. So, what does this mean for your organization? How do you know if you’re on the right side of […]
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BPA improves customer service

5 Ways BPA can improve customer service and experiences

Enterprise BPA solutions can be used to help businesses manage their customers better and improve the experience for everyone. For one, BPA can help gain greater insight into customers and their interaction with their brand by analyzing data and turning it into rich insights—allowing them to create a better experience for them. Customer service has […]
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5 Business areas to apply Power BI

Today, there are a number of business intelligence and analytics tools available. However, Microsoft Power BI has moved to the forefront with its superior integration and collaboration features. Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence software that enables enterprise users to interpret data sets into easy-to-understand visualizations. With Power BI, you can create interactive dashboards, […]
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7 business processes to automate today for improved operations

Business process automation (BPA) is not just for large organizations anymore. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from BPA as well. By implementing a fully integrated automation system with a set of processes from the very beginning, they can enjoy an advantage over competitors that respect process digitalization less. For enterprises on their journey to […]
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5 Ways Azure cloud accelerates digital transformation

Organizations that want to remain relevant in today’s interconnected world need to transform their businesses into digital enterprises. Azure cloud provides organizations the flexibility and scalability to quickly adapt to changing business needs to realize their digital potential in the cloud. In his book, The Road Ahead, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said, “We need to […]
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3 Things Business Intelligence automation can do for your business

With ever–increasing volumes of data generated by enterprises on a daily basis, the use of business intelligence automation has become more important than ever before. BI automation can reap huge benefits for your business by providing easy access to the right data and delivering high-quality insights in real time. Let’s look at why you shouldn’t […]
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How to use Power Automate for CRM automation

Sales and marketing teams can use Microsoft Power Automate to streamline customer relationship management (CRM) processes, improve sales efficiency and customer retention, and increase response rates to marketing communications.  Do you spend a lot of time on manual tasks that could be automated? If so, you’re not alone. Many sales and marketing teams struggle to […]
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