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Power BI with SharePoint

Integrating Power BI with SharePoint: Better analytics for your leadership team

Power BI’s customizability and integration with SharePoint can add new, untapped levels of speed and…
Role of Cloud Computing

Role of Cloud Computing in your Business Process Automation vision

The role of Cloud Computing in Business process automation is to maintain and built enterprises…
Sharepoint knowledge management system

Using SharePoint as your Knowledge Management System

Deploying SharePoint as an enterprise’s knowledge management system can help streamline the access to information…
SharePoint to Automate Finance Workflows

Using SharePoint to Automate Finance Workflows

SharePoint has the potential to Automate Finance Workflows  by streamlining crucial financial management functions, reduce…
cloud automation

What Is Cloud Automation and Where to Apply It?

With cloud automation, the cost of getting bigger gets smaller as enterprises can scale capacity…
machine learning in bpa

Benefits of using Machine Learning in your BPA Initiatives

Machine Learning in BPA can play a huge role in maximizing the potential of business…
Benefits of Automation for Enterprises

Benefits of Automation for Small and Medium Enterprises

Deploying automation for manually intensive and repeatable tasks can help growing small and medium enterprises…
Enterprise Automation Terms

ABC’s of Automation

New terms like Business Process Automation (BPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have now begun…
business process automation

Business Process Automation: the force multiplier in today’s digital age.

With process automation, your processes can be more agile, adaptive, intelligent, and more responsive in…