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Human Resources

Human resources (HR) departments are often plagued by red tape and document-driven manual processes. From on-boarding a new employee to conducting annual reviews, many standard and repetitive processes in the HR department can be automated. Automations can help reduce the burden of the HR department, and free up their time to focus on important strategic activities like hiring the best talent and helping them realize their potential. Some of the common HR functions that can be digitalized are:

Recruitment and screening

Employee on-boarding and offboarding

Leaves and attendance management

Performance appraisal and competency maps

Records management

Intranet and knowledge management


Operations can be digitalized by upgrading Intradepartmental and inter-departmental processes and workflows. Boosting operational processes with technologies like automation and analytics can optimize resource utilization, increase transparency and accountability, reduce errors and manual dependencies, and bring cost efficiencies. Some of the common operational workflows that can be digitalized are:

Orders and payment processing

Procurement and vendor management

IT operations and maintenance

Administration and general management

Supply chain and inventory management


Marketing and Sales

There are plenty of martech and web technologies that allow businesses to automate and streamline various marketing and sales processes. Most of these technologies have extensive integration ecosystems and networks which make it easy to adopt these technologies into any business. Some of the common marketing and sales workflows that can be digitalized are:

Website and content management

Social media and email marketing

Sales and pre-sales workflows

Social media and email marketing

Marketing and sales database management

Reporting, analytics, and intelligence


Finance departments have to deal with a large volume of manual and non-complex processes at times. Automating such financial processes can help drive greater efficiency, accuracy, and compliance by reducing the number of manual interventions and scope for errors. Technologies can help optimize operational costs of the finance and accounting function while saving time and providing better internal control over processes. Some of the common finance processes that can be digitalized are:

Accounting (Bookkeeping)

Payroll and employee benefits

Cash and expense management

Accounts receivable and accounts payable

Tax compliance and audits

Reporting and business intelligence


Customer Service

Good customer service lies at the heart of all successful business operations. To ensure customer satisfaction, answer key customer questions, and generate repeat customers, customer service departments need to resolve client issues quickly and efficiently. Implementation and adoption of technologies can help streamline and automate the workflows or manual processes involved in customer servicing, while freeing up time of the support staff to focus on solving complex customer issues. Automation also helps businesses reduce human errors and lower the overall customer servicing cost. Some of the common customer service functions that can be digitalized are:

Call center operations

Chatbots and chat support

Returns and refunds processing

Complaints and grievance redressal

Appointments or status updates

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