Marketing Automation

Simplify and Improve Your Customer’s Journey For More Loyal Customers

Our Process

Platform selection & Website Integration

Out of a many marketing automation platforms, we handpick the most ideal platform for your website to begin your marketing automation campaign with the right step. Our experts will make sure that you get the best out of whichever platform you chose by integrating it with your website.

Goal setting

Planning is the mother of implementation. So, our experts plan well in advance and use the latest marketing automation strategies to take your business to the next level. They carefully assess your business type, your existing customers and the biggest players of your industry before developing the marketing automation strategy that opens new avenues for your business.


Now that you know your future customers and understand their buying preferences, you need to pitch your product or service to the prospects who show interest in your products and services. If your product reaches the right customer at the right time in a targeted manner, the chances of converting strangers into loyal customers increases exponentially.

Lead Management

Take advantage of the latest marketing automation strategies and reach prospects as well as loyal customers in ways that compel them to return to your website again and again. These streamlined processes are carried out from the pre-purchase period to the post-purchase period for lead nurturing and management.

Tracking and reporting

Our experts do not just implement the ideal marketing strategy but they also keep on tracking and reporting via bi-weekly reports to help you understand how our marketing automation services are affecting your business. This way we can steer in the right direction with enhanced results and better lead management.

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Platforms We Support

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FAQ’s about Digital Marketing Transformation

Why businesses should consider Marketing Automation?

With most businesses, the marketing and sales teams are the ones responsible to transform prospects into loyal customers.

Garage startups, sometimes don’t have these. Even if there are teams, they are mostly engaged in multiple marketing campaigns throughout the year.

This leaves them with no time to focus on innovating marketing efforts making marketing tasks more difficult. Automating tasks with marketing automation services saves your time. It also helps you reduce service costs and increases lead nurturing at autopilot.

Why work with us?

A fresh and transparent approach to Marketing Automation

We like to think that our reputation speaks for itself, but then we would, wouldn’t we? With a cumulative experience of over 20 years in Digital Marketing team working in long-standing, full-service design and marketing agencies. Our vision? To create an agency whose only objective is to transform the Digital Marketing of our clients, without any of the full-service agency distractions and inflated fees, being open and transparent in everything we do.

What Make Us The Obvious Choice

We’re a small and agile Digital Marketing agency driven by results. Not just metrics and graphs, but real, tangible results. We build joined-up digital strategies that are fully integrated into your business and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Full Transparency

Every penny we spend and day that we work for you is fully accountable, always open for review and discussion.

Plain Speaking

We are not going to bombard you with technical terms or hide behind jargons. We are straight talking people.

Driven by results

We measure everything. No hiding. We let the results speak for themselves.

No Contracts

We want you to continue to use us because you appreciate the results, not because you are contractually bound.

Domain Knowledge

Our skilled marketing technologists have experience in working with marketing automation software and can manage automation projects of any scale without any hassles.

Exclusive partnership

We have an exclusive partnership with marketing and sales automation software services such as HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce that can drive your marketing automation projects to success.

Proven track record

We have an unbeaten track record of offering marketing automation services to some of the leading players in all the industries we have served.



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