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Business Process Automation

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What is Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the process of automating recurring business processes through the use of software & implementing integrations between different technology systems.  Implementing BPA requires minimal coding and can be set up through a centralized portal where workflows can be defined and managed. The result: BPA can enhance productivity and efficiency across the organization. 

BPA Strategy and Consulting

As part of our BPA consulting services, our team helps customers document their workflows and transform them into repeatable processes. We also help you identify specific business functions where efficiencies can be introduced, and redundancies removed using business process automation. 

Custom BPA Development

Once the BPA strategy is in place, our technology team works with the business consultants in developing custom software to automate workflows for each identified process. Our cloud-first development policy ensures your processes utilize the best of what modern-day cloud technologies have to offer. 

BPA Support and Maintenance

Experience process efficiency like never before. As your company grows, your processes change accordingly. Needless to say, the software supporting your process automation would therefore need to change too. That’s where our team comes in to maintain and upgrade any existing BPA deployment. 

Digitalize Your Business With Our End-to-End BPA Solutions

Business process automation solution

Upgrade processes with automation
Business process automation solution

Bolster transparency and accountability
Business process automation solution

Optimize capacity and resource utilization
Business process automation solution

Scale systems quickly as required
Business process automation solution

Eliminate errors and manual dependencies
Business process automation solution

Save time and gain cost efficiency

How We Do It

Our team’s robust development practices and cross-technology knowledge across BPA, RPA, and data science, ensures that you get the most optimized custom-made solution for your business processes.

We perform an in-depth analysis of your existing business processes and then select the relevant workflow and process automation software to be implemented.
Microsoft services
Our team then draws a time-bound roadmap of all tasks in a process that can be automated and resources required for each step.
Microsoft services
Our business consultants work with the technology team to determine the most optimized and cost-effective solutions to introduce or upgrade automation capabilities.
Microsoft services

Automate Key Business Processes. Make All Teams Efficient

Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Automate employee onboarding which traditionally involves multiple disparate systems 

Financial management

Financial Management

Automate purchase, invoicing, expense tracking processes, and more with automated approvals & automatic PO creation 



Digitize common operational workflows with automation to reduce process costs and errors 



Enhance efficiency of digital selling platforms and customer service operations to create seamless experiences 

Sales & Management

Marketing and Sales

Leverage integration capabilities with ready to use and custom applications to measure and optimize outcomes 

Customer Service

Customer Service

Streamline customer service processes, speed up query resolution with automation and drive customer satisfaction