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SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power BI

Power BI and Power Platform:
Automation and Analytics on the Cloud

Empower teams with a modern collaboration and data analytics ecosystem.
Give your employees an effective productivity & collaboration toolset with SharePoint
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Build and Deploy Low-code Apps Rapidly with Power Apps

Harness the true power of your business data by introducing automation, advanced analytics, and impeccable visualization to make better business decisions. Microsoft Power Apps helps you streamline complex business processes, workflows, and databases so that your teams can work smarter and collaborate smoothly even when working remotely.  

Automate Your Functions. Digitalize Your Business.

Microsoft Power BI

Introduce advanced data analytics and impeccable data visualization capabilities to your business reports and enhanced decision-making. Incorporate the latest analytics tools and empower decision-makers with data and insight-rich reports.

Microsoft Power Automate

Take business productivity to a whole new level with intelligent workflows for each business department while making them interoperable. Automate your SharePoint app workflows with nearly limitless customization and scalability, freeing your teams from repetitive tasks and enabling them to be be more creative

Integrating SharePoint and Power Automate and Power BI

Integrating Power Apps in your existing SharePoint can further enhance your collaborative work environment by enabling seamless data analytics and visualization with cost-effective and impactful business process automation. Enhance your user experience with low-code app development to further boost productivity.  

How Does The Integration Work?

Generate an App

Generate the customized SharePoint app and design a workflow for various business departments

Create a flow for approval

Set a hierarchy of workflow approvals to ensure quality check at every stage of a project development

Create an app from scratch

Power App integration allows creating customized, low-code apps with fully realized functionality

Create a Power BI report

Migrate the SharePoint data to Power BI to create visually impactful Power BI reports to enhance the decision-making process

Publish the Power BI report

Communicate the Power BI data visualization by publishing it among the various departments for a collective vision

Embed the Power BI report

Embedding Power BI reports on SharePoint provides appropriate access to the users and workflow customization

Create a flow for alerts

Create customized alerts on SharePoint using Power Apps to manage workflows and ensure timely approval across management levels

Single View Of Enterprise Workflows with Microsoft SharePoint

As a part of the Microsoft 365 enterprise suite, SharePoint enables businesses to manage and share data and knowledge seamlessly to enable a collaborative work environment.  

SharePoint helps you connect your key Microsoft apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more to a cloud infrastructure, thus enabling efficient remote working for hybrid teams across multiple geographies.  

Adapt Your Key Business Functions to SharePoint

Intranet Portals and Sites

Create your own intranet portal and SharePoint microsites with minimum time and cost investment and reap maximum efficiency from instant deployments. Connect your teams and data with a portal that fits your unique business needs and hierarchies.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire employee lifecycle and other HRM processes with a cutting-edge digital employee experience management with SharePoint. Implement a world-class digital onboarding experience to manage talent from all across the globe through a single, interactive and accessible platform.

Knowledge Management System

Give your teams the accessibility they need to collaborate effectively and ensure productivity. A custom KMS built on a SharePoint foundation can deliver greater value for your business data with advanced classification and access control capabilities, help drive critical functions, and enable successful decision-making.

Learning Management System

Embrace smart learning by leveraging the features of SharePoint to create an impactful learning management system. From customizing the learning program from various business departments to evaluating individual employee performance, SharePoint can do it all while being cost-effective.

Where Can You Leverage Your Power Apps & SharePoint Integration

Deploying business process automation (BPA) with SharePoint and Power Apps integration can streamline day-to-day operations as well as special campaigns and projects and accelerate turnaround time on critical deliverables. These capabilities allow organizations to empower employees and delight customers and partners.

Here are some key business functions you can transform with SharePoint and Power Apps deployment:

Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Automation gives the ability to standardize and speed up crucial HR functions and processes such as recruitment, employee engagement, and learning & development through and ensure higher engagement and retention.

Financial management

Financial Management

SharePoint with Power Apps integration helps finance teams to automate data-sensitive tasks with utmost accuracy and security. From customer onboarding, KYC to data verification to complete transactions, BPA can do it all.

Sales & Management

Sales and Marketing

A bespoke BPA system for sales operation helps the team to focus more on maximizing revenues by enabling customer outreach, optimizing the sales funnel, improving sales forecasting by processing historical data to provide valuable insight.



Using Power Apps, you can automate everyday time-consuming activities like responding to emails, scheduling appointments with multiple clients and stakeholders, handling business invoices, responding to customer queries, and much more.

Deliver A Superior User Experience

Using Power Apps with SharePoint, create productivity applications with low-code quickly. No need for your team to spend time in programming, thus freeing up their time to focus on more business-relevant activities. 

Easy to Operate, Effortless to Manage

We enable a collaborative remote work environment with applications that function just like the most common Microsoft apps like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. with a smooth learning curve to boost productivity and save precious time. 

Any new application you design will use the SharePoint interface with impeccable UX and corporate-adaptable functionality for anyone familiar with the Office and Microsoft 365. 

Seamlessly Integrate Power Apps and SharePoint Sites Without Any Coding

Integrate Power Apps with SharePoint to build low-code responsive applications with rich content and provide a personalized experience to employees, vendors, and clients. Using the vast array of connectors available in Power Apps, you can easily connect to external data sources to make workflows faster and smarter. 

LOB Connectors

Seamless automation by connecting multiple business apps for maximum efficiency

Data Accessibility

Store and extract data anytime, anywhere with cloud storage for a remote collaborative work environment.

Process Automation

Accelerate your business operations by embracing process automation and focus on what matters most

Quick Turnaround

Shorten the data analysis and decision-making gap with advanced information analysis and data visualization

Easy Maintenance

Manage all of data and process automation in one place with Power BI and Power Automate with quick and easy maintenance

Improved Security

With multiple verification processes and enterprise-level encryption, rest assured that your data is safe at all times

Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Integration

By integrating Power Platform with Dynamics 365, organizations can streamline workflows and build customized dashboards to leverage real-time business intelligence. The integration enables data to flow seamlessly between the two systems, providing users with a unified view of their data and reducing the need for manual data entry. Additionally, with the ability to create custom apps and automate workflows using Power Platform, organizations can further enhance their Dynamics 365 experience to meet their specific needs. 

Our team of experts can help your organization leverage the full potential of Dynamics 365 integration with Power Platform with services including: 

Consultation and Assessment

Our team will work closely with you to understand your business requirements and assess your current systems to determine the best approach for integrating Dynamics 365 with Power Platform.

Custom Development

Our experts can develop custom solutions that integrate Dynamics 365 with Power Platform to meet your specific business needs.

Data Migration

Our team can migrate your data from your legacy systems and current ERP platforms to Dynamics 365, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your business operations.

A Fully Cloud-Native Microsoft Services Environment

Set up your entire Microsoft services suite on the cloud and eliminate the costs and resources spent on managing an on-premise infrastructure.  

Leverage the powerful capabilities of cloud for your SharePoint and Power Apps integration to ensure that your teams stay productive anytime, anywhere.  

We understand the current needs of businesses to have a collaborative remote work ecosystem. That is why we recommend our clients to deploy business process automation solutions on a secure and high-speed cloud infrastructure.  

Seamless Integration With Microsoft Azure

We help you set up and configure your Microsoft applications on your existing Azure infrastructure or help you set up a new Azure cloud deployment from scratch. This way, you can scale up how and when you want, without incurring massive costs towards building new software or licensing fees.