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Role of Cloud Computing in your Business Process Automation vision

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Role of Cloud Computing

Role of Cloud Computing in your Business Process Automation vision

The role of Cloud Computing in Business process automation is to maintain and built enterprises to have the best of both technologies and drive higher organizational productivity and efficiency. 

It is known that adopting business process automation (BPA) technologies as a part of digital transformation initiatives can deliver future-ready IT capabilities for growing organizations. But as businesses scale up and the cost of hosting applications on-premise increases, they must also ensure that business processes and their overall efficiency are not affected and IT infrastructure costs are under control. Here, migrating your enterprise systems to the cloud can be an effective alternative to managing an on-premise infrastructure, enabling organizations to scale up how and when they want without massive capital expenditures. 


What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has transformed enterprise IT and augmented digital transformation initiatives by organizations over the last several years. It enabled us to perform crucial business functions at any time and from anywhere. What emerged as a digital storage system for businesses to facilitate the use of modern digital applications, store sensitive information securely, and make the right data accessible to the right people within the organization.

The cloud works as a centralized server containing enterprise resources that can be accessed by anyone within the enterprise. Many organizations today are operating on the cloud, either entirely or as an additional infrastructure to their on-premise one. This is done by using either a private or private cloud server or a combination of public and private cloud where they can store and process a huge amount of data that can be accessed and even modified by users.

Individual applications or groups of applications are used for knowledge management, or to plan and track sales and marketing activities, etc. can be moved to the cloud and integrated with back-end and front-end systems to streamline processes and ensure faster catching of errors and optimizing processes. Now, when remote work seems to be the norm for the foreseeable future, cloud could potentially be the solution to the efficiency and productivity problems many organizations have been facing over the past year. 

What is the Role of cloud computing in BPA?

Now that we know what cloud is and what it does, let’s take a look at how combining BPA and cloud effectively can take your business automation to the next level. 

Here are a few key reasons why you should consider implementing business process automation on the cloud: 

  • Establish smoother information management for new-age collaboration 

Firstly, incorporating cloud computing into your BPA initiatives will allow you to create a comprehensive remote working environment – a huge need for enterprises around the world at present. At the same time, cloud security features enhance the information management capabilities of applications hosted on it by ensuring the data is made accessible to the right people. This involves granular levels of classification depending on the nature of the data and assigning access to it to individuals based on highly specific role-based criteria. This can bring a whole new level of sophistication to BPA systems as we can also update and make necessary changes in the document for real-time data optimization.  

  • Introduce greater flexibility and scalability 

Cloud computing makes your BPA deployments more flexible as it can give live data inputs to the Business Process Automation system by storing and processing real-time data, which in turn provides more scalable results for every business operation.  

Implementing BPA on cloud will also allow top-level management and key decision-makers to understand shortcomings in the current processes through scalable analytics models integrated with primary business systems. These analytics and data visualization solutions can track and analyze processes, identify any changes, and deviations, and provide real-time solutions to rectify errors and fill in the performance gap. 

  • Facilitate a real-time collaborative environment 

The biggest advantage of running BPA solutions on the cloud is the ability to automate collaborative work environments within the organization. Interconnected processes and workflows with dependencies on multiple departments can be synchronized and accelerated with automation and significantly greater computational power than any on-premise applications. 

  • Reduce IT costs 

Cloud-enabled business process automation provides additional support to your business without adding to the cost of business operations. Most cloud service providers are well-equipped with post-implementation maintenance and support services to ensure the efficient operation of the cloud and BPA infrastructure. Using these support systems can, therefore, further accelerate and improve the outcomes of your BPA systems. 

  • Focus on core business competencies 

Last, but certainly not least, taking your business process automation initiatives to the cloud can take a significant burden off your IT team and key department heads, allowing them to focus on the core business objectives such as increasing revenues, improving the delivery of services to customers, and building a strong brand. 

Cloud business process automation works as a reliable, next-generation IT infrastructure that helps you take better managerial decisions, streamline and accelerate your business operation, and helps you create an overall collaborative work environment to give a much-needed competitive edge. More importantly, it is a technology strategy that is not only the present, but the future of enterprise IT.  

Cloud-enabled business process automation lets you have the best of both technologies to enhance organizational productivity and efficiency. However, to get the maximum business value out of both cloud and BPA, you need an expert service provider that can offer customized solutions along with strategic guidance on building a synergy between these technologies. 

Here’s where VBeyond Digital comes in. From developing the right strategy, implementing technologies, to dedicated support and maintenance, we serve as an end-to-end partner for your BPA needs.  

Reach out to us for a consultation at info@ or leave us a message and we will get in touch. 

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