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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting and Implementation

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services comprise comprehensive solutions that help businesses improve their finance, operations, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and marketing operations. We specialize in providing our clients with services related to migration, fresh deployment, integration, and management of Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Deploy Dynamics 365 to maximize operational efficiency and cost savings.
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Our Dynamics 365 Services

Transform how your enterprise uses business applications and collaboration tools with Microsoft’s powerful cloud and mobility offerings for unparalleled efficiency and business value. We can help you enhance productivity and provide customized experiences through rapid and effective deployment of modern workplace collaboration solutions. 

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their new Dynamics 365 solution deployment meets their unique business needs and requirements. Our goal is to ensure a successful implementation that delivers measurable results and helps our clients achieve their business objectives. 


Our team of experts help your organization migrate from older versions of the Dynamics platform such as Dynamics AX/Axapta and Navision to Dynamics 365. We use proven methodologies and best practices to ensure a smooth and seamless transition, while minimizing any potential disruptions to your business operations. 


Our cloud platform management services include both migration of legacy systems to Azure and setting up their IT on the cloud. At the same time, we help cloud-first organizations explore additional workloads and services such as Azure Integration Services or Azure Machine Learning to take more advantage of all that Microsoft Cloud services have to offer. 

Our proven expertise in project management, solution design, and system integration makes the otherwise complex process of implementing a new Dynamics 365 solution much simpler and faster. We follow a comprehensive implementation process that involves requirements gathering, solution design, system configuration, data migration, testing, and training.  


In addition to integrating with a wide range of third-party platforms, we also help you integrate Dynamics 365 with Microsoft’s Power Platform, which includes Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. We help you leverage this powerful suite of tools and its various capabilities across data analysis, reporting, and automation. Our team of experts brings extensive experience in integrating Dynamics 365 with Microsoft products such as Power Platform, Azure services such as storage, databases, and more 

Our Dynamics 365 Implementation Process

Our implementation process for Dynamics 365 includes the following steps:

Business Analysis
Our team assesses the business requirements and challenges faced by the teams.
Solution Mapping
Next, we identify the necessary components and customizations to build a viable solution.
Implementation Planning
We create a timeline, allocate resources, and design the architecture for the implementation process.
We perform on-ground migration and integration with the necessary systems and resources.
QA and Testing
We perform thorough testing to ensure that the system is functioning optimally.
Go Live Planning
We plan the go live by ensuring all resources are on deck for a smooth implementation process.
Go Live
We ensure that the system is successfully implemented so your teams can start using them immediately.
Maintenance & Support
We provide round-the-clock support and maintenance services for the complete lifecycle of your solution with dedicated specialists.

Dynamics 365 Data Security and Compliance

We take data security and compliance seriously for every deployment type regardless of the size and scale of the business. We ensure that our clients’ Dynamics 365 implementations using the best combination of the following tools:  

Dynamics 365 Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Azure Active Directory for External Identities

Advanced Data Security

Advanced Threat Protection

Transform Business Operations with Dynamics 365


A Dynamics 365-based automated financial management solution will allow you to generate and manage all required financial reports with speed and ease. Along with aggregating all financial data and providing complete visibility into your organization's financial health, the solution’s embedded analytics and AI capabilities also support accurate decision-making by providing detailed insights and predictive reports.

Supply Chain Management

Ensure complete control and visibility over your supply chain and inventory processes in real time. A Dynamics 365-based supply chain management solution gathers insights from all your supply chain systems integrated with it and aggregates them to provide a single source of truth for all supply chain activities. Moreover, the Sensor Data Intelligence tool powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) can be configured and integrated with the solution to collect and analyze data from connected devices. This real-time visibility can help you detect and prevent bottlenecks in your processes.

Retail & E-commerce

Deploy an end-to-end solution for omnichannel retail and e-commerce that natively integrates customer data from both online and offline channels, enabling you to access a unified view of order data, customer data, and more, while delivering consistent experiences across channels. A Dynamics 365-based retail backend solution can be used to create storefronts for any digital channel you want to sell on. Such a solution also integrates inventory and order fulfillment operations, thus making it easier to view, control, and optimize inventory and omnichannel delivery processes.


Enables your sales teams to close bigger sales agreements more quickly and drive higher repeat business through improved client connections with the help of a single, centralized sales solution. Your organization can leverage a platform that manages every stage of the sales pipeline, making it a transparent and manageable process. Moreover, sales representatives have the best tools available to support them, such as AI-powered lead prioritization to better focus on leads that are ready to be sold and close them faster.


Build a marketing solution capable of large-scale personalization of the customer experience that can be scaled for large and diverse audience segments across multiple channels. A Dynamics 365-based solution uses customer data from numerous sources to allow you to implement different strategies to reach out to as many customer segments. At the same time, your team can quickly and easily plan, map, and activate customer journeys from a single location.

Customer Service

Implement a consolidated customer service and contact center solution that supports all interaction channels, including live phone calls, messaging, email, chatbots, and self-service portals. Improve customer service KPIs with a Dynamics 365-based solution that offers intelligent features such as ticket routing and prioritization that helps reduce response time by giving agents instant access to customer data for faster resolution of service requests.

Fast-track Enterprise Digitization with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based, end-to-end ERP solution that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that want to get started with Dynamics 365 quickly and move to the cloud. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, organizations can make the shift from any basic accounting software or legacy ERP system to an all-in-one solution.  

Maximize the value of Dynamics 365 Business Central with benefits such as: 

Eliminating operational silos

Connect all key business processes for better efficiency, monitoring, and accountability through automated tasks and workflows on familiar Microsoft applications.

Access to actionable insights

Gain a comprehensive view of your business with connected data sources and business analytics delivered by Microsoft's best-in-class intelligent technologies.

Continuously improving features

Set up your platform quickly with easy to use and flexible features and configuration options that are regularly improved and upgraded by Microsoft for better outcomes.

Dynamics 365 Integration with Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform offers a suite of tools for businesses of all sizes to build and customize low-code enterprise applications and add automated workflows to enhance the value and efficiency of Office 365 and Dynamics 365 business solutions. Power Platform offers AI, machine learning, analytics, and business intelligence and reporting capabilities that allow enterprise teams to build personalized dashboards that provide end-to-end real-time visibility over processes and predictive analytics. 

VBeyond Digital will help you deploy a modernized and integrated ERP system with your enterprise to help you analyze data, build custom apps, automate processes, and create virtual agents with Microsoft Power Platform.  

Measuring Success with Dynamics 365

As per the Microsoft and Forrester Consulting study, Total Economic Impact™, organizations can see the following outcomes in the medium to long term with the implementation of Dynamics 365:  

55% higher productivity for finance teams

$44K savings on spends on third-party reporting

215% ROI over a three-year period

73% reduced agent handling time

More business benefits of Dynamics 365 also include

Real-time data access and visibility

Monitor and optimize business processes in real time as users get access to up-to-date data that is accurate and consistent. This allows for the ability to quickly identify and respond to trends, opportunities, and threats, which can help in making better decisions and improving overall business performance.

Improved system availability

Improved system availability can help businesses reduce the risk of data loss, minimize disruptions to business processes, and increase overall productivity. Additionally, improved system availability means that users can access the system whenever they need to, thus ensuring that time-sensitive actions are not disrupted.

Improved regulatory compliance

Improve regulatory compliance with Dynamics 365’s built-in capabilities that make it easy and seamless for businesses to configure protocols to comply with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX. The platform’s audit trails feature helps track changes and ensure compliance at each stage.

Improved user experience

Dynamics 365 provides a modern and intuitive user interface that is easy to use and navigate, driving greater user adoption and productivity. Dynamics 365 also provides personalized experiences based on user roles and preferences, enabling users to access the information and functionality they need, quickly and efficiently.