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How organizations can benefit by deploying cloud with Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft azure

How organizations can benefit by deploying cloud with Microsoft Azure


As a comprehensive platform, Microsoft Azure is quite instrumental in helping organizations build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

The global business environment practically changed overnight as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe. The urgent need to pivot to digital business models during a raging pandemic and quickly adopt digital capabilities to ensure business continuity became the biggest challenge for organizations worldwide.

Today, any digital business needs to be future-ready in terms of technology to be able to scale up and grow efficiently. Cloud computing has emerged as a strong foundation for such modern digital businesses. It can empower your digital strategy and set building blocks for every digital technology and innovation you want to incorporate in your digital approach. And it allows a seamless transition from legacy systems and physical infrastructure to cloud servers and applications that further bolster the efficacy of digital business models.

There are numerous cloud computing services available all across the digital space to choose from. However, Microsoft Azure continues to dominate the cloud market as the top choice among enterprises, and rightfully so. Microsoft Azure, or Azure for short, provides over 200 products and cloud services that help organizations to build a sustainable digital infrastructure for years to come. Given the ubiquity of Microsoft applications such as the Office and Microsoft 365 suite, more organizations choose Azure to build a comprehensive and interconnected digital enterprise ecosystem. Additionally, it enables businesses to build, run, and manage business applications across multiple platforms, both on-premise and on the cloud, and with limitless customization opportunities.

Microsoft Azure: The cloud platform of choice for end-to-end digital scalability

Designing the most relevant and result-driven digital business ecosystem with robust data management, resource management, and storage management capabilities depends on individual business needs. For instance, small to medium-level enterprises might not need a huge amount of storage space to collect and manage customer data but might require faster customer service tools, customized auto-mailer systems, and testing systems for their web apps.

Your goal should be to understand your business requirements and incorporate Azure by handpicking the exact applications and capabilities your organization needs before getting started. With that being said, let’s look at how specific features and capabilities of Microsoft Azure can help your business grow with the power of cloud computing.

1. Reliable scalability

The most crucial factor for selecting the right cloud platform for your business is the degree of scalability your cloud partner offers. Microsoft Azure can support your growth while eliminating uncertainties with expanding your business.

Using Microsoft Azure’s public cloud framework, organizations can increase their cloud network’s computing and data storage capacity to handle a sudden surge in traffic and ensure smooth operations. Azure cloud infrastructure scales along with your business so that you can scale up or down your service agreement to avoid using unnecessary heavy-load applications with huge charges.

2. Eliminating need for on-premise hardware

On-premise data storage systems have huge upfront costs and regular overheads, which puts a huge dent in your IT budget. On the other hand, using a robust cloud computing platform to store data, applications, and business operations can directly eliminate the necessity to have on-premise hardware.

Azure’s advanced networking features can create a hybrid cloud environment for businesses who want to keep a few of their processes on private servers due to convenience or compliance issues.

3. Cost-effective subscription models

Microsoft Azure follows a consumption-based pricing model. This allows both SMEs and large businesses to efficiently manage their IT budgets while choosing the exact cloud feature they need for business growth. A usage-based payment model rather than a subscription-based one can significantly reduce the infrastructure costs, off-load in-house IT teams, and efficiently manage cross-departmental workflows to virtually automate business operations. Not only that, Azure comes well-equipped with a 24/7 support team to solve your every issue.

4. High availability

Operating in over 55 global regions and being available in 140 countries, Microsoft Azure is the most readily available cloud system across all of its data centers, thus making it ideal for businesses with global reach.

5. Enterprise-grade development tools

Building, deploying, and managing enterprise-grade web applications using the latest tools and programming languages like .NET, Java, Python, Kubernetes, etc. can be simplified with Microsoft Azure. Its flexibility allows you to create innovative enterprise applications for web and smart devices with auto-updating and container orchestration facilities.

Azure’s end-to-end development platform lets you test your applications in a virtual environment before deploying them commercially for better optimization and seamless customer experience.

6. Robust cybersecurity

Microsoft Azure’s data centers are equipped with two-factor authentication, proxy access card readers, and the latest biometric security to protect the sensitive data of your organization. It is compatible with all the latest cybersecurity tools and applications to protect privacy and integrity, and ensures that the crucial business data is securely available for people within the organization. Microsoft’s multi-layered security protocol protects your business data from any malware, DDoS attacks, and any advanced cyber attack.

7. Advanced compliance features

Microsoft understands the importance of a strong and supportive compliance control for cloud efficiency and versatility. That’s why Azure offers over 35 compliance offerings for industries like healthcare, government, manufacturing, finance, education, etc.

With its built-in compliance tools, configuration management features, and a plethora of guidance resources, Azure helps organizations keep up with updated regulatory guidelines like HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, etc.

Azure AI

Businesses looking for cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities to expedite business processes can do so with Microsoft Azure. Yes, you read that right. Microsoft Azure allows you to incorporate its AI technology to solve critical business solutions, analyze images, understand speech patterns, forecasting using the existing data, and replicate complex human behavior to regulate business operations without human intervention.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure provides industrial-level AI to empower app developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers for designing technology that can accelerate business efficiency.

Azure serverless solutions

The serverless solution from Microsoft Azure enables enterprises to build, deploy, operate, and manage serverless applications on end-to-end platforms. This eliminates the requirement of on-premise infrastructure while adding more value to your digital productivity and accelerating innovation.

Microsoft Azure’s user-friendly API, low/no-code services, and readily available machine learning and cognitive models help developers to build and deploy business applications quickly and reliably. It also improves the productivity of your business by minimizing the time spent on activities like on-premise infrastructure management.

Whether your business application runs on hybrid, cloud, or edge, Azure’s serverless solutions can proactively manage various applications with advanced monitoring and analytic tools. It also opens new revenue opportunities through rapid innovation. With Azure serverless solutions, organizations can pick their serverless environment, design impactful business applications, and be well-equipped with the most versatile set of developer tools and services to design applications unique to your business needs.

Kubernetes on Azure

Implementing Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure can further boost its impact on creating a highly effective cloud computing business model. For starters, multiple business applications can be containerized on the cloud for better deployment and management with complete control of Kubernetes services. Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) provides continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) experience with security and governance of industrial standards.

For developers, it provides a unified platform for rapid building, delivering, and scaling applications on a digital platform. Using AKS’s plethora of features, developers can define the application’s aim, design, debug, and upgrade the most complex Kubernetes applications and automatically contain them according to their functionality.

You can use the CI/CD pipeline to its maximum potential with AKS clusters to automate mundane non-crucial tasks and further boost your productivity. It allows you to detect and fix application mistakes and glitches proactively with thorough visibility to their digital environment with Kubernetes resource view, control-plane telemetry, log aggregation, and container health available on Azure portals with auto-configured to AKS clusters.

With all the benefits mentioned above, Microsoft Azure helps your business innovate faster, implement cost-effective strategies, improve security, and get maximum returns out of your business insights.

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