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The components and benefits of building a digital workplace

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Digital workplace

The components and benefits of building a digital workplace

Building a digital workspace has been among the top priorities for organizations over the last few years. Being future-ready with digital transformation is all about improving existing systems to match current business needs and future growth goals.

Creating an efficient digital workplace that helps employees be productive is among the top priorities for scaling businesses. Organizations also need to find the right balance between adopting technology that empowers employees and streamlines processes and workflows without encumbering their teams with too many tools. According to KissFlow, nearly 44.3% of employees said that more digital tools complicate everyday business operations.

So it’s safe to say that organizations need a selective, yet essential, set of tools to maximize the efficiency of their digital workspaces. But which ones are right for your business needs?

Though there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this, it’s better to have an overall idea about what works for your enterprise digital transformation and building a collaboration-driven workspace in 2022 and beyond.

Components of a digital workspace

Adopting cloud

Moving your enterprise infrastructure to the cloud, either in phases or in a lift and shift manner, is an essential step towards digital transformation. With remote work only proliferating, adopting cloud will become virtually mandatory for organizations.

An up-to-date cloud system gives organizations digital storage and an inter-connected work platform with the necessary availability and performance at almost all times. Since you can access cloud applications from any device at any time, employees get unlimited flexibility to work both within the office and from home. Additionally, cloud computing also provides reliable data backup solutions to ensure business continuity.

Hybrid work communication tools

Organizations need to maintain the right balance of remote and on-premise work as things are slowly getting back to normal. While remote working still is a preferred work culture of over 51% of knowledge workers by the end of 2021, the need for a hybrid workspace will rise in 2022.

The hybrid-enabled communication system is a must for businesses to monitor work progress, share new ideas, and streamline workflow. These tools include the latest video-conferencing platforms, content and document management systems, etc. that improve collaboration for both on-premise and remote employees.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the biggest driver in making IT systems more versatile. Now the question is, “What is the future of enterprise AI?” From cloud implementation to on-premise tools, experts are finding new and innovative ways of making AI-powered automation more sophisticated and result-driven.

Incorporating the latest AI-enabled solutions allows organizations to delegate repeating and scaling workflows to a business process automation system. It also gives your human resources more time to add value in their roles without being weighed down by unproductive tasks. Understanding the latest innovations and use cases of AI in enterprise automation and adapting them can give you a significant competitive edge.

Data security

With the digitization of business, protecting mission-critical data is of utmost priority for businesses. Creating a secure digital workspace not only helps in business continuity but also builds trust among customers.

Organizations must adhere to the latest enterprise data security guidelines to set a benchmark for data protection. The best way to do so is to work with a reliable IT partner that can provide an efficient and secured IT ecosystem. Incorporating business continuity software also helps organizations protect mission-critical data from sudden data loss and external malware attacks.

Making digitization part of the work culture

Just like your IT infrastructure, your overall work culture also needs a complete overhaul in 2022. Future-ready enterprises must explore new possibilities to find the right balance of remote and on-premise employees while ensuring business efficiency.

The best way to get started is by adopting flexible workplace policies, which includes:

  • Defining set hours for both office and remote employees.
  • Which employees may work remotely on a given day.
  • How and when employees should communicate with each other.
  • Setting times when employees must be in the office.
  • Incorporating a reliable remote work monitoring system.

Organizations must start implementing official policies on remote working to better communicate their vision and framework and implement them fairly all across.

Moreover, organizations should also evaluate these policies periodically to maintain the utmost efficiency. Incorporating these factors will definitely help your business achieve desired results from their digital workspace with the benefits which we are covering next.

Benefits of a digital workplace

Collaborative work culture: The right digital tools empower employees to communicate and work alongside their colleagues no matter where they are. Collaborative work culture is the next big thing for improving business efficiency and productivity, and technology helps you achieve it the right way.

Automation brings freedom: Automating repetitive business functions gives human resources freedom from redundant business tasks. It also gives them ample opportunities to focus on their core competencies for better business outcomes.

Improved customer experience: Technologies like AI became a game-changer in improving customer experiences by enhancing engagement. As more customers prefer online shopping over traditional one, improving customer experience is the biggest factor in improving relationships and repurchase opportunities.

Business agility and competitive edge: A digitized enterprise infrastructure makes your business processes more agile and accurate compared to your legacy system. Right utilization of cloud computing, business process automation, and AI results in creating an agile work culture where human and technology works together to achieve maximum efficiency.

VBeyond Digital can help you digitize your enterprise

Building a digital workspace has become a priority of organizations in the last few years. Today, it’s all about improving existing systems to be future-ready and maximize the value out of modern enterprise technology.

VBeyond Digital helps you design a robust digital infrastructure from the ground up and improve your existing systems to maximize efficiencies. Our plethora of IT services helps the organization achieve its desired efficiency and automation capabilities.

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