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MSMM Results: The Competent Tier



MSMM Score


Competent Tier: You are Embracing Advanced Capabilities


Well Done on Achieving the Competent Tier!


Reaching the Competent Tier in the Microsoft Services Maturity Model signifies a significant milestone. Your organization is not only using Microsoft services like Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365 effectively but is also beginning to leverage them for strategic advantage.


Key Characteristics of the Competent Tier

  • Strategic Utilization: Microsoft services are well-integrated into your business processes and strategies.

  • Advanced Proficiency: Your team demonstrates advanced proficiency in using these services, with a focus on optimization and best practices.

  • Innovative Applications: There’s a growing trend in your organization to use Microsoft services for innovation and improvement of business outcomes.

Areas for Improvement

  • Strategic Innovation: Encourage innovative uses of Microsoft services that can create new business opportunities or significantly improve existing processes.

  • Data-Driven Culture: Promote a culture that extensively leverages data analytics for decision-making.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Strengthen collaboration both internally and externally to maximize the potential of Microsoft services.

Resources to Help You Excel

  • Access to expert-level training and masterclasses on Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

  • Participation in advanced user groups and forums for networking and exchange of ideas.

  • Whitepapers and research materials on the latest trends in digital transformation and how Microsoft services play a role.

Next Steps

  • Align with Business Goals: Ensure that your use of Microsoft services aligns closely with your organization’s long-term strategic goals.

  • Leverage Advanced Features: Explore and leverage the most advanced features of Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

  • Share Success Stories: Document and share internal success stories to showcase how these tools have transformed different aspects of your business.

You’re doing exceptionally well in integrating and benefiting from Microsoft services. The next step is to transition from being competent to advanced, where these technologies are not just tools but integral drivers of your business strategy and innovation. Keep pushing the envelope, and your organization will become a leader in digital transformation.

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