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MIES Results: The Developing Tier



MIES Score


Developing Tier: You are Progressing Towards Enhanced Microsoft Tool Utilization

You are at the Developing Tier in your journey with Microsoft tools. This shows that your organization has begun to embrace the capabilities of Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365, but there is still considerable potential for further development and integration.

Key Characteristics of the Developing Tier

  • Growing Adoption: Your use of Microsoft tools is expanding, but it may not yet be fully strategic or optimized.

  • Emergent Skill Levels: Employees are gaining proficiency in Microsoft tools, but advanced skills are still developing.

  • Initial Strategic Integration: There is a beginning effort to align Microsoft tools with business goals, but deeper integration is needed.

Areas for Improvement

  • Deepen Tool Integration: Focus on integrating Microsoft tools more comprehensively into your business processes.

  • Expand Training and Expertise: Enhance the skill levels of your team in Microsoft technologies, aiming for more advanced training and  certifications.

  • Leverage Tools for Innovation: Start exploring how Microsoft tools can be used not just for operational efficiency but also for driving innovation.

Resources to Accelerate Your Progress

  • Intermediate training materials and webinars focused on Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

  • Case studies highlighting how similar organizations have successfully utilized Microsoft tools for growth and innovation.

  • Forums and user groups for sharing experiences and best practices with peers.

Next Steps to Boost Your Microsoft Tool Maturity

  • Broaden Use Cases: Experiment with a wider range of applications for Microsoft tools across different business functions.

  • Enhance Collaboration Using Microsoft Tools: Utilize tools like Dynamics 365 to improve collaboration and workflow efficiency.

  • Review and Refine Your Strategy: Regularly review how your Microsoft tool strategy aligns with evolving business objectives.

As you continue to advance in your Microsoft tools journey, the focus should be on maximizing their impact across your organization. Embracing these tools more strategically can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and innovation.

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