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Microsoft Innovation and Efficiency Score (MIES)

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Elevate Your Business with the MIES Assessment

Unleash the Full Potential of Microsoft Tools in Your Organization

Discover how well your organization is leveraging Microsoft tools to drive innovation and efficiency. The Microsoft Innovation and Efficiency Score (MIES) Assessment provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of your utilization of Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365, aligning them with your business strategies and goals.

Why Take the MIES Assessment?

Strategic Insights: Understand how Microsoft tools contribute to your business innovation and operational efficiency.

Tailored Recommendations: Based on your score, receive actionable insights and strategies to enhance your use of Microsoft technologies.

Benchmark Your Progress: Measure your performance against industry standards and identify areas for improvement.

How It Works

Complete the Assessment: Answer questions across key areas, including Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365 utilization, innovation impact, and strategic alignment.

Get Your MIES Score: Receive an instant score reflecting your organization’s proficiency in leveraging Microsoft tools.

Review Detailed Insights: Along with your score, access a detailed report with recommendations to optimize your Microsoft tool usage.

Understanding Your MIES Assessment Results

  • Emerging Tier (Scores 30-54):
    Discovering Potential: In the Emerging Tier, your organization is at the initial stages of using Microsoft tools. The assessment highlights areas to kickstart your journey with Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365, focusing on basic integration and initial skill development.

  • Developing Tier (Scores 55-78):
    Building Foundations: If you’re in the Developing Tier, you’re expanding your use of Microsoft tools but haven’t fully harnessed their strategic potential. Your results will provide insights on enhancing tool integration and elevating their use for better operational efficiency.

  • Competent Tier (Scores 79-102):
    Gaining Momentum: Being in the Competent Tier means you’re effectively using Microsoft tools, with room for optimization. Your results will guide you on leveraging these tools more strategically, advancing skills, and aligning with business goals.

  • Advanced Tier (Scores 103-126):
    Achieving Excellence: In the Advanced Tier, your organization is proficient in using Microsoft tools. The assessment will shed light on maintaining this high level of performance, driving innovation, and further integrating these tools into your strategic initiatives.

  • Optimized Tier (Scores 127-150):
    Setting Industry Standards: The Optimized Tier signifies mastery in utilizing Microsoft tools. Your results will affirm your organization’s status as an industry leader and suggest ways to continue pioneering with these technologies, maintaining excellence and influencing broader industry practices.

Each tier in your MIES assessment results provides a snapshot of how your organization is currently leveraging Microsoft technologies. The insights and recommendations tailored to your tier will help chart a clear path for your organization’s growth and innovation using these powerful tools.

Who Should Participate?

Business Leaders: CEOs, CIOs, and Managers who make strategic business decisions.


IT Professionals: System Administrators, IT Managers, and Technical Leads managing Microsoft tools.


Data Analysts and Experts: Professionals using Power BI for data analytics and reporting.


Process Managers: Individuals responsible for streamlining operations using Dynamics 365.

Ready to Transform Your Business with Microsoft Tools?

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