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Benefits of remote collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint

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Microsoft SharePoint

Benefits of remote collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based tool offering reliability and ease of use to both remote and in-office teams. Deploying SharePoint along with Microsoft 365 on the cloud can enable seamless digitized, remote operations for small and medium enterprises.

Many large organizations have moved to remote working systems or scaled up existing systems to enable staff to continue working remotely since the COVID-19 outbreak. Small and medium-sized firms, on the other hand, have a significant opportunity to integrate digitization and digitalization in their operations and, as a result, cut operating costs and enhance efficiencies. Smaller organizations, understandably, may be put off by the time and cost of engaging in enterprise-wide digital transformation.

There are, however, more cost-effective and speedier ways to build remote work facilities for your organization and start with digitalization. This is where Microsoft platforms like SharePoint can help you achieve your goals.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a content management system that is accessible online and used to store business documents on the cloud. It also allows you to share and collaborate on data stored in the cloud by allowing you to establish sites and sub-sites for different teams, people, or projects. 

SharePoint includes a lot of complex features that can assist you or your team manage business and project documentation with ease. 

Given its effectiveness, affordability, and scalability, Microsoft SharePoint has become the platform of choice for remote collaboration and project management in recent years. SharePoint’s collaboration features boost employee engagement, boost productivity, and make centralized data administration easier, regardless of where employees work or where a project is being managed. Let’s take a closer look at Microsoft SharePoint’s features and the benefits they provide. 

Features of Microsoft SharePoint

The SharePoint tool included with a Microsoft 365 subscription is a powerful yet easy-to-use productivity tool. The following are some of the most commonly utilized features that make it one of the top knowledge management or content management tools: 

  1. Collective or Special Access

SharePoint is a scalable and extremely adaptable platform for working with internal and external resources. Individual team site users can be given different levels of access authorization by a central admin user. 

In a real-time setting, you and your team can work on a single file without experiencing any delay. As a result, many content creators and creative developers prefer SharePoint for collaboration on any project. 

One of the most important features of SharePoint collaboration is that it allows content to be transmitted freely between sites and sub-sites. It allows people to keep informed about the project without having to sift through countless emails, missed conversations, or video sessions. 

2. Content Administration 

For every individual or group of professionals who want to increase productivity, content management is a significant task. SharePoint allows you to overcome this obstacle without having to write lines of complex code or buy expensive platforms. 

On SharePoint, project or content managers may simply manage numerous projects at the same time. SharePoint makes it simple to publish or update website content such as events, news, blogs, presentation stacks, and more. 

3. Managing Projects 

You may use a variety of SharePoint functions for task and project management. The tool’s most important feature is that it serves as a centralized storage location for all project-related documents and deliverable files. 

SharePoint sites can also be customized in a variety of ways. These custom-built websites can also include daily planners, weekly task organizers, and FAQs. 

You may also use SharePoint and Power Automate to construct a workflow to automate functions such as task handover, project deliverable sign-off, approvals, and compile content such as demo presentations and client feedback. 

4. Integrated Approaches 

Other Microsoft 365 apps help you manage tasks and resources, while SharePoint serves as a central store for your project data. 

For specialized use, you can sync SharePoint with applications like To-Do, Tasks, Planner, and Project Online. You can also create reports to give your freelance clients project updates. 

SharePoint also allows users to preview files and documents within SharePoint sites and subsites using PowerPoint, Video, Stream, and OneDrive. You save time by avoiding time-consuming processes such as downloading files from SharePoint to create PowerPoint presentations. 

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

When compared to any other productivity tool for project or content management, SharePoint has a lot of advantages. The following are some of its benefits: 

1. Spending Less Money 

It’s possible that you’re already paying for it through your Microsoft 365 subscription. Use SharePoint as your primary productivity tool for corporate or personal requirements to avoid wasting money on apps and solutions. 

2. Data Protection 

Governments and large enterprises entrust their sensitive data to the SharePoint ecosystem. So, without concern about intellectual property theft, you can keep important data on SharePoint to enable collaborative work among remotely located team members. 

3. The Ability to Scale 

The tool’s scalability helps you to budget your expenses on productivity tools. You can alter your subscription to accommodate more resources and projects if you notice an influx of projects from various clients. You can switch to low-paid options when projects slow down. 

4. Templates for Repeat Use 

When one project comes to an end and you need to start another, you can use a template to save time in creating new documents or flows. By eliminating repeated development, you can save time and ensure a faster turnaround on new projects. 

VBeyond Digital can work with you to set up SharePoint sites, workflows, and asset libraries so your remote teams can reap the benefits of real-time collaboration. More importantly, as part of our SharePoint services, we place special emphasis on ensuring that all industry best practices are adhered to help you derive maximum value from your deployment. 

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