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Assess Your AMMO

Measure the state of your organization’s automation maturity


Today’s enterprises are increasingly reimagining their business efficiency with automation, traversing a logical journey from manual process operations, to basic automation, to intelligent automation before achieving hyperautomation. As organizational automation matures, enterprises realize higher productivity, gain better efficiencies, enjoy reduced costs, and drive delivery effectiveness.

In the quest to ‘transform the business’ it is imperative to measure an organization’s automation maturity to accurately assess where the organization presently stands and what are the next progressive levels of automation to achieve. Based on our experience with driving automation initiatives, we have developed a maturity assessment model to analyse the state of automation in enterprises. Our Automation Maturity Model, AMMO for short, analyses your responses to determine the current state of automation in your enterprise, the category it falls in, and recommends relevant action points.

Take the AMMo assessment to measure the scale of your organization’s automation maturity.

You will also receive our quarterly report on the State of Enterprise Automation, with the next publication cycle.


The AMMo assessment is carried out by asking two sets of questions, no more than 6 in each. Section A pertains to roles and activities of you and your colleagues. Section B relates to the management team ofyour organization. The assessment should take less than 10 minutes of your time.

The assessment is done by measuring two relative factors:

1. The willingness of the Employee to adopt automation for their work.

2. The propensity of automation adoption by Senior Management.


Based on your inputs, the model recognizes 4 categories of automation maturity, as follows:

  • AUTOMATION FREEZE (AMMo Score 12-24): Organizations with arrested automation adoption.
  • AUTOMATION PULL (AMMo Score 25-36): When the employees are willing to adopt automation but there is no support from management.
  • AUTOMATION PUSH (AMMo Score 37-48): When the management is driven to adopt automation but culture change is difficult/employees are not keen to adopt.
  • AUTOMATION ADVANTAGE (AMMo Score 49-60): Both employees and management are committed towards adopting automation and strides are being made in that direction.

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