business process automation

5 ways AI is driving business process automation

March 9, 2022

With the introduction of AI-powered technology into the modern enterprise landscape, businesses are better equipped to achieve long-term objectives and target higher growth than with traditional syste...
RPA in finance

5 ways to Use RPA In Finance

March 9, 2022

RPA in finance fits seamlessly into processes and workflows to take up short, repetitive tasks where accuracy is critical and helps reduce the time and costs that are likely to increase turnaround tim...
Cloud Migration

Challenges of cloud migration

February 17, 2022

CTOs and IT heads at organizations planning their cloud migration must partner with the right experts and practitioners for a smooth, hassle-free, and future-proof cloud infrastructure setup. Over the...
Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation: Increasing efficiency in digital processes

February 1, 2022

Workflow automation tools and solutions collect and distribute real-time data for real-time analysis, eliminating the time-consuming procedure of filing documents on paper or across several applicatio...
Power BI and SharePoint

Power BI and SharePoint: How the integration works and its benefits

January 19, 2022

The integration between Power BI and SharePoint can enable seamless data access, analytics, and vi...

Contract Management

Contract management automation: Streamlining contracts with BPA

January 14, 2022

Businesses can optimize their processes and outcomes by automating contract management, thereby bo...

Microsoft SharePoint

Benefits of remote collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint

January 12, 2022

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based tool offering reliability and ease of use to both remote and...


How to identify processes for BPA and RPA

January 10, 2022

Find out what BPA and RPA are, what benefits they provide, and how to effectively integrate them i...

Content automation

Boost customer engagement with marketing content automation

December 23, 2021

Content automation helps brands to use branded content for campaigns and optimize them to drive be...