Enterprise Cloud Computing, Analytics, and AI Services on Microsoft Azure

VBeyond Digital helps organizations manage, migrate and monitor their Microsoft Azure cloud applications by identifying and designing cloud adoption strategies and roadmaps, and implementing them. Our experts help enterprises achieve agility, reduce the cost of ownership, and maximize return on investments through monetization of their cloud capabilities.

Cloud Solutions for all types of Businesses

Microsoft Azure is one of the largest cloud providers in the market, offering rich, dynamic Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities with integrable Software as a Service (SaaS) products.

VBeyond Digital helps SMBs and enterprises across industries and verticals plan their cloud strategy, build a cloud roadmap, build, implement and manage custom, ROI-driven cloud solutions.


Design and deploy workflows for faster time to market for your business

Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Fully digitize processes by moving and hosting systems on the cloud

Enterprises Using Microsoft Products

Unlock the full value of your Microsoft applications and SaaS for better efficiency

Azure Infrastructure Management Consulting and Implementation

We take a 360-degree approach to consult, deliver, and support the right cloud solutions for your business. Our team brings a diverse set of technology expertise and extensive experience to help businesses build new applications on the cloud or migrate existing mission-critical applications or infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Assessment and Readiness Planning

We assess your existing systems and then define business goals and plan the infrastructure and capacity.

Infrastructure Roadmap

We will build a detailed migration plan with key tasks across specific stages, deliverables, and deadlines.

Existing Infrastructure Migration

We will undertake moving your existing infrastructure and business applications to the Azure cloud.

Security and Performance

We will perform regular and scheduled infrastructure optimization to ensure high availability and reliability.

Azure Compute + Development

Develop and scale your applications on Microsoft Azure as and when you want and pay for only what you use. Leverage Azure Compute services to host and run application workloads; these services include Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure Container Service, Azure App Services, Azure Batch, and Azure Service Fabric.

Build an end-to-end continuous software delivery pipeline; release, test, and monitor your cloud and mobile applications more easily and reliably with Azure DevOps tools. Make your application development to deployment lifecycles and processes more agile, with continuous improvements.

Our experts help you identify automation/process improvement opportunities, select the right automation tools, define processes, goals and SLAs; we work closely with your developers and IT strategy teams to build a DevOps roadmap with a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

Azure Data Processing & Analytics

Improve decision-making effectiveness by leveraging Azure’s data processing and analytics capabilities that can deliver insights from large volumes of data. Run complicated queries on processing large, heterogeneous data sets to derive actionable insights.

We provide development and deployment support for Azure analytics products and services such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI Embedded, Azure Stream Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, and more.

Our cloud and data engineers will help you deploy and manage the following solutions for specific use cases or across the enterprise environment:

Data & Analytics Strategy
Data Discovery & Orchestration
Data Migration & Integration
Data Visualization
Analytics, Insights, & Intelligence
Data Lake & Data Lake Analytics

Azure AI + Machine Learning

Our experts help you build, deploy, manage, and track AI models effectively and efficiently with the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform, thus enabling fast and smooth integration of Data Analytics solutions with AI capabilities to your enterprise environment. The platform’s self-intuitive model allows for faster development of AI applications and offers the flexibility to integrate with different applications and deploy feature-rich models at a pace faster than ever.

AI and Machine Learning as a Service on Azure delivers the following key benefits:

Speed up the development life cycle by using automated tools to identify the right algorithm and configure hyperparameters faster

Create AI models using a range of frameworks supported by the platform, such as PyTorch or TensorFlow, and migrate the solution to the cloud or edge

Build AI applications – ranging from simple to complex – using the no-code designer and scale as and when you need to

Streamline and accelerate development of workflows with MLOps – a combination of Azure Machine Learning and Azure DevOps

Leverage Docker, Azure Kubernetes, or Container Instances for easy migration of designed solutions to suitable platforms

Azure Containerization Services

Run containers in an Azure environment for easy deployment, integrations, and orchestration without limiting them to virtual machines only. We help you deploy your choice of container service or help you identify the right one for your enterprise based on your needs and assessment of your systems.

Our teams have the experience and the expertise to develop and deploy applications on Azure Container Instances, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Service Fabric, and Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

Easily integrate containers with current DevOps workflows

Flexible deployment capabilities to enable efficient orchestration and scale your containers up and down using Azure compute services such as Azure Container Service (AKS) and Service Fabric

Deploy containerized applications in Azure using third-party tools such as OpenShift and Docker Enterprise

Deploy your containerized application in your own data centre, Azure stack or Azure with hybrid platform support on Azure Container Services

Build applications that are interoperable by design with the ability to run on-premises or in the cloud


Azure Database Services

Meet your modern app development requirements with Azure’s fully
managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases that come
with both proprietary and open-source engines.

Make sure that your developers can focus on building applications as
Azure managed databases make their job easier by supplying regular
insights on performance with embedded intelligence. This means, you
leverage unlimited scalability for your applications while effectively
managing security threats.

Azure database products offer a wide range of capabilities
you can choose from based on your business use cases
and workloads:

Build scalable relational databases

Deploy multi-model sub-DBs

Virtualization services to implement scalable databases

Database migration wizard for automated migration of workloads


Data Storage

Azure Storage platform offers a highly scalable and always-available storage service for data objects, disk storage for Azure virtual machines (VMs), file systems on the cloud, and more. Azure Storage platform includes the services such as Azure Blobs (a massively scalable object store for text and binary data that supports big data analytics), Azure Backup (a backup/recovery tool for on-premises and cloud-based workloads in Azure storage), and more.

We identify and deploy the right Azure storage services based on your business and data storage needs to ensure cloud deployments are secured for proactive disaster recovery and seamless business continuity.

Our teams possess extensive data analytics expertise to make your data management, sharing, and security processes run smoothly and scale automatically to instantly accommodate fluctuating workloads.

Protect your data in real-time and minimize system outages for your internal and customer-facing platforms, with quickly deployable automated protocols.

Facilitate immediate data recovery through automated processes which can be configured to restore critical data to other secure locations, ensuring backup and protection against breaches or accidents.


Networking and Security

Improve business agility and lower spending on security infrastructure with
Azure’s cloud-native controls. Enhance cloud network security monitoring
and response through a Zero Trust approach to perform network
segmentation and apply intelligent threat protection and traffic

Leverage Azure networking services and products such as Virtual Network,
Load Balancer, Azure DNS, Azure Active Directory, Content Delivery Network
(CDN), Azure Firewall, Azure DDoS Protection, and more for end-to-end
security of your cloud deployments with on-cloud controls and


The overall Azure platform comprises numerous services you need for app
integration – for example, data storage services, serverless computing
service (Azure Functions) to write custom data transformation, and more.

Deploy core Azure services for application integration including Azure API
Management, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Logic Apps.
Since all of these services are sold individually by Microsoft, you have the
freedom to choose and pay only for the services you need.

Implement established Azure-based app integration frameworks as we
undertake the entire team assembly and management, along with the
quality of the integration project delivery.


Use Cases For Microsoft Azure Cloud

Azure has many popular and fast emerging use cases spanning industries and verticals and driven by regulatory and customer demands

SaaS Companies
Retail and E-commerce
Service Providers
Internet Of Things (IOT)
Data Analytics
Enterprise Cloud
Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Why VBeyond Digital

VBeyond Digital helps you with the end-to-end customization, deployment, maintenance, and support for your Microsoft services. We help you leverage automation, analytics, and cloud connectivity for your Microsoft applications and services, connecting them to the Azure cloud architecture.


Our Process consulting services include an assessment of our client’s current business processes and determining any gaps between their processes. We enable companies to realize the value of digitization by helping them to modernize their legacy applications.


Our developers are experts in working with various Microsoft and cloud deployments and ensure our clients’ needs are met on time and within budget. Our team of diverse experts effectively implement and deploy SharePoint, Power Apps, and cloud solutions by understanding our clients’ requirements for the present and future.


We help enterprises accelerate their implementation of mobile front-end interfaces for their legacy systems, and also integrate with other modern platforms such as Oracle, SAP, and more, by using a set of custom connectors and system integrators.



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